TBN Salsa "Faith with Flavor"

SpiritGro Founder Eimi Mitchell talks about how God can injected hope into YOUR situation. Many times when we've come out of hard situations, or heart breaking events we tend to hold on to grudges. If we are unforgiving we think we are holding onto what we have the right to, but in reality we are holding on to attributes that are poisonous and detrimental to a healthy future. Eimi is the founder of "SpiritGro" vlogcast, an online mentorship program for women. Through her weekly programs, Eimi is able to showcase God's amazing love, joy peace, and point those who have come out of challenging circumstances to a brighter spiritual and emotional future with hope filled messages. 

Pen + Napkin | Catie Bouchard

I was blessed to interview my sweet friend Catie Bouchard; Co-Founder of Pen + Napkin. Pen & Napkin is a non-profit dedicated to providing for needs through community effort. YOUR HOMEWORK THIS WEEK: God can put a passion in your heart for being generous with your talents, time and resources! Find someone in your world who needs help... and help them! PLEASE check this amazing organization's website www.PenAndNapkin.org to learn more about it.