When we allow God’s story and our story to collide,
it becomes a testimony that the enemy cannot reckon with!
— Eimi Lynn


A Powerful Message

The past is not something I dwell on too much, but when I do, it's in awe! Because it's a beautiful picture of how God, in His sovereignty can use any situation for His glory, if we only let Him! Because, when we allow God's story and our story to collide, it becomes a story that the enemy cannot even reckon with! My goal is to show people just how simple God is at work in our lives, and just how sovereign He is even in the midst of abuse... because I've seen people who have come out of the same exact abuse as me (or less) and have a horribly different outcome! And I had to ask myself...why? I've discovered that it's not that one person endured more or less trauma or drama, but it's how we respond to it once we are out of it! The moment I realized I could recycle my pain into God's purpose... it was a game changer for me! Hope was injected into my story and nothing was going to stop me from being a force for good! 

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  • Connect People with God.
  • Connect People with People.
  • Promote the idea of healthy mentorship.
  • Create Healthy Boundaries.
  • Cultivate Wise Relationships
  • Renew the Mind with the Word of God.
  • Build A Solid Future Through Forgiveness.
  • Finding Our Identity in God
  • Letting Go of the Old for the New