Discovering Worth Despite Abuse

We are told a lot of things while in abuse: You're ugly. Worthless. Cheap. Dirty. Weak. Stupid. The list goes on unfortunately.  And despite all we've been told, or made to feel about our self worth, the TRUTH is drastically different.  Every human on the face of the Earth has immeasurable value, just for the reason that they exist and breathe.  There is no one person alive today who doesn't have value.  It is the ugliness of hate and anger that brings about such horrible emotions of self-loathing. But, it is the choice of FORGIVENESS that unlocks the darkness of the dungeons within us and it has the wonderful ability to set us FREE from this living death we abruptly find ourselves in!  

I wonder sometimes, is forgiveness something that we learn? I believe it is.  You see, a child who is beaten down physically and emotionally his whole life, without an extension of hope, will grow up with the rage and shame that naturally will come from that type of treatment.  But I know from personal experience, that a child who is beaten down her whole life WITH an extension of hope can be a different story.  That was me. And the extension of hope.... was Jesus through loving people who offered to be my friend.  I heard the Gospel at a very young age. And the story was told every Sunday, in many different ways.  

Do you know the story of a man named Jesus, who stole back the keys of life and death from evil?  When we were lost in our darkness, he came down to this Earth to rescue us.  To take us back from the grip of death and darkness, and spiritual assault and battery.  And when we discover the immense VALUE of who we are, for the king of kings and the Lord of Lord to give his own life FOR us.... in exchange FOR US... we begin to love ourselves again, and for many, to love ourselves for the first time.  But listen, without Jesus, without his work on the cross, we remain trapped inside of our own self, our own generational pulling towards abuse and chaos.  I believe that without his example of forgiveness, what he said while hanging on the cross "Father Forgive them for they know not what they do", without that example, we are lost without direction and purpose, and we unknowingly repeat the cycle of abuse.  

So it's important, that in the midst of abuse, we begin to see a light... peering in from the outside of our dark corner.  SEARCHING for us! Looking for us! Calling out for us! Listen, you'll begin to see how valuable you are.  That you ARE the ONE that he would leave the 99 other sheep, just to look for you! And yes... you ARE WORTHY of that search.  Think back to all the annoying people who tried to talk with you about God.  That was HIM, trying to call out to you.  He's STILL calling out to you! Are you ready? I challenge you to enroll in my free online mentorship course "Overcoming Dysfunctional Relationships"! It will send you on the greatest adventure of your life!