Lost In Abuse - An Awakening

As adults or children who came out of abuse, we often don't realize that we were even treated incorrectly until we are much older.  And in the process of learning how to live beyond abuse, we react out of anger, or fear, anxiousness, and at times deep depression.  We try numbing the negative effects with alcohol, drugs, sex, and even self mutilation, much of which is overlooked as the problem instead of the symptom.  

It's a horrible storm we get caught in: Drinking, yelling, frustration, fear, chaos, and we just want to scream... STOP! 

Maybe you're not the one that is addicted to alcohol or drugs, maybe you are the one being affected by it, but you are drowning in it nonetheless.  STOP you say, with your actions and through your outrage.  You don't know how to stop it.  BUT YOU KNOW SOMETHING IS WRONG! You look around and see families who seem to be at peace, and they seem nurturing.  They seem to have all of the characteristic that you, my dear, are wishing for.

Let me encourage you, you are having an awakening.  You see what you want, but don't have the tools to get out of the pit you are stuck in.  There is a desire inside of you and it's coming alive in you, for a better life! This is good! This is the beginning of a lifelong journey.  If you want the first steps that I took as a young woman who came out of abuse, please go sign up for my 4 week online mentorship class! It only takes 15 minutes out of your day!